The Appliance Guys

291 Raymond Rd. Candia, NH 03034

Phone or Text: 603-706-3401

Mon-Fri 7-8 pm, Sat 7-5 pm, Sun 8-2 pm

                                                  Interested in investing with us? 

We are ready to expand our current store front location and are looking for investors or partnerships to expedite the growth. This is a thriving business enjoying our profits and having a great reputation with our customers and suppliers. We just need a boost to take it to the next level. An investment of $10,000 or more will allow us to increase our footprint in the NH area but in order to fast track our expansion we would require higher numbers to cover the cost of the inventory needed to move us beyond our current status. We have established relationships with the manufacturers directly giving us the lowest cost rate and the highest profit margin.

The return on investment will be paid back in full, plus a percentage of the amount invested, as an alternative we would also be open to forming additional partnerships for a percentage of the company. Negotiations and terms will be documented and legally binding.

The company is a registered LLC, we have our suppliers and customer base. Details on the business finances, profits, and projections are available to serious investor inquiries. If you have other questions contact me directly, we can discuss many topics over the phone or setup a meeting if needed. Thank you.

You can contact us directly by phone or email using the form below.